Monday, November 16, 2015

You Need More Than Money to Start Your Own Magazine Publishing (part 1 of 2)

Money is just one of the things you need to start your own magazine Publishing because there are other aspects of the business that are just as important to make it profitable.

For one, you need to have a basic idea for your magazine. It should focus on a certain subject that you are knowledgeable about so you can come up with a plan that differentiates you from the competitors.

Naturally, you will not be the person doing all the dirty work. For that, you need to hire the right people who will serve as writers, editors and photographers for your magazine publication.

If you notice, not all the pages in the magazine are filled with articles or pictures. In between the pages, there are ads posted by various companies. You will need to advertising accounts to generate most of the revenue for the business in order to pay the salaries of your staff and pay for other expenses including next month’s issue.

This is done by calling up advertising agencies, sending them letters and meeting their executives in person. Networking will also come in handy so you can get your foot in the door with other advertisers.

When you have a meeting with advertising agencies, remember that you are asking them to advertise in your magazine in exchange for something else. Be sure to deliver your end of the bargain so this relationship will continue in future issues.

When your team has finished making the layout of the magazine, the only thing to do now is to send it to the printers.

Since there are many printers to choose from, get a cost quote from all of them and then get the best deal money can buy. A representative will be assigned to you so follow up with him or her the target print date.

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